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What are the Newest E-car Models?

At one time in the not too distant past, if you talked about an e-car (electric car), the whole room would let out a collective groan of agony, because let’s face it, you are, or at least was, then, regarded has a nerd by your peers. At the best, your friends thought you were concerned about the environment at large and at the worst (and this is what most people thought), you didn’t know anything about cars. However, all of that is set to change, and here is why?


Toyota Supra — Yep that’s right, Toyota is set to unleash the electric Supra. Although this car is only in the concept stage, rumor as it, that it will be a hybrid which is linked to the great LMP1 racing car. Simply delicious — that is all that can be said.

Polestar 1 — The Polestar will be Volvo’s flagship in a complete new brand of electric car and will be available from mid 2019 onwards. It looks great and if everything that Polestar, or should we say Volvo, says about performance is true - it should handle just as good as it looks.

Audi E-Tron Quattro — This is a lovely car and comes with the same specifications as a fuel filled Audi. This car certainly makes the small e-cars of a few years ago definitely seem a thing of the past and it seems that we are really starting to welcome large family crossovers in to the e-car mix now, and actually, not before time.

Jaguar l-Pace — This is Jaguars first battery-powered car, and ‘oh my’, what a car? The l-Pace is another really great offering from a car manufacturer great, namely Jaguar. The design and performance reviews on this car, if true, will ensure that the l-pace is set to become one of the new beauties and favorites in the e-car wars. This car will enhance anyone’s reputation — not a nerd or the mention of the word ‘nerd’ when driving this car- we can guarantee you.

Mercedes Project One — This car looks amazing and the saying of ‘leaving the best for last’ certainly applies here. If e-car’s leave you cold, well all we can say is; think again! This car is going to be (or so Mercedes say) the super car of e-cars, and with a reported speed of over 217 mph, well if that’s the case — yep that’s one hell of a car.

Mention these e-cars at your next poker night gathering and we can assure you that you are not going to be termed as a nerd (um well maybe not). These cars are very much removed away from the 2 seat, very slow and uninspiring e-cars of the past. Of course, most of the cars mentioned are still in theory or early stages of production and are probably out of the reach of the everyday normal consumer (most of us). However, this type of development in e-car manufacture means that these new and innovative ideas and advanced technology, will, at some stage, be available to the average consumer. This will, in turn, ensure that e-cars are the future- and what a future with cars like this flooding the market

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