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What are the benefits of e-cars today?

Even though the thermal engineers are still "in power" in the car market, electric cars are entering the market more and more, the big manufactures launching more and more electric cars to replace those with thermal engine on gasoline, diesel or gas.

Degree of pollution

The degree of pollution of the electric motor is incomparably lower than that of the thermal motors. lndeed, if we were to look at reality, and the electricity used must be produced. Electricity production itself can create pollution. Using electricity to propel vehicles does not create pollution.

porshe-mission-eEfficiency of electric motors

Looking at the whole, electric motors can have an efficiency of about 90% compared to diesel engines powered by diesel, gasoline or gas. This superior efficiency of the electric motors, compared to the thermal ones is due to the fact that most of the components used to store, produce and distribute the energy used to power electric vehicles are much more efficient. Thermal engineers produce energy used to propel the machine and produce heat. In order for the machine's efficiency to grow, it is necessary that most of the energy is produced to drive the machine, not to produce heat. Electric motors and peripheral systems produce heat and have other types of losses but are much lower compared to thermal ones.

Acceleration of electric motor machines

A series of electric motors may have an acceleration that is the same as the fastest serial machines or even racing cars. This can happen because the electric motor can produce the maximum "torque" from moment 0 while the heat generates the maximum torque at a certain speed and certain engine speeds.

Maintenance of an electric car

Due to the fact than an electric car has fewer moving parts compared to a thermal motor machine, its maintenance is easier and cheaper. lndeed, electric cars are relatively new in the consumer market, where they can be repaired or maintained are few compared to those where they are repaired and maintained with thermal engines.

Safety of electric cars in case of road accidents

Due to the fact that in the case of electric cars the variant in which each deck has its own electric motor is preferable, the mass of the machine is evenly distributed. In the case of the thermal-engine

design, the area where the engine was located was the hardest and for some types of impact the material damage and loss of human life was high. Because the propulsion system is distributed throughout several areas of the machine, this leads to a different behavior of the car in the event of an accident. At the same time, the danger of fire due to ignition of fuel or pipes in high temperature areas is more or less non-existent.

Of course, there is another major advantages to owning an electric car. For many divers knowing only that they have a share in saving the planet, there will be enough reason to jump to an electric car.

E -Auto