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E-facts You Didn’t Know Existed

e-factsLiving in a first world country is the best thing. This is because such countries have the best technology and power supply that is continuous. People can use computers, watch television, use refrigerators and do many other things that are supported by electricity. The light of Hollywood and Las Vegas are using a tremendous amount of electricity constantly, not to mention the online casinos and new casino games free to play, that couldn’t be available without the magical combination of the electricity and the internet. Electricity has even become part of the daily lives of people, and to some, it is a basic need that they cannot do without. However, there are so many facts that most people do not know.

To start with, many people do not know that approximately 1.2 billion people in the world do not have electricity. We usually tend to take power for granted in first-world countries like the United States. However, there are so many other people in the world, especially those living in third-world countries, who do not have electricity. While electricity is considered a basic need in some countries, some people survive without power and they are doing fine.

Electricity can be generated from very unusual sources. From all the knowledge I have about electricity, l have always thought that power could only be generated from water, sunlight and wind. However, electricity can also be harnessed from plant waste and manure. This kind of energy is called biomass. Also, coffee, algae, chocolate, heat from the human body, and old tires can generate energy. In fact, some engineers from developed countries have come up with a way of capturing body heat from the thousands of commuters that pass through common railway stations, for example, the Stockholm’s railway.

Another that you did not know about electricity is that there are countries that use renewable energy as the primary source of power. Renewable sources such as wind, sunlight, heat, and water can be replenished naturally unlike the traditional sources of fossil fuels that can be depleted. Therefore, most countries are moving towards energy that can naturally be replenished. Some countries are even 100 percent dependent on the renewable sources. For example, countries like Uruguay, Paraguay, Iceland, and Norway depend exclusively on renewable sources for energy.

Another surprising fact is that some creatures can generate electricity. For instance, an aquatic animal called electric eel can generate up to six hundred volts. This energy is even higher than the one that averages socket in the US can produce. This creature produces this electricity is to scare away predators and stun preys. What is shocking is that the energy generated by this eel can kill alligators and it can also knock down a horse. This can be an amazing way to harness electricity, but again, it means that eels would become extinct. For this reason, this sea creature remains to be a tourist attraction for many countries like Thailand.

Electricity is amazing and fascinating as it is the source on power from most countries in the world. More so, animals like the eel use it for survival. So many technological advancements have been made possible because of electricity. For this reason, energy is something that most people have become dependent on, and although it has a negative side, the positive is more important.

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