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E-cars are the future of motoring, and they have become the greatest buzz today. The introduction of the plug-in vehicles has become a boom that is expected to take over and rule the motor industry in the next couple of years. However, most people know nothing or little about them and this guide will help anyone who is looking to learn more about these fascinating vehicles.

What are some of the E-car facts you didn't know existed?

There have been lots of fake news and myths surrounding these cars which have instilled doubts and fears concerning them. There are many positive facts you probably do not know. For example, e-cars cost you less. The only expensive part of these vehicles is the batteries, but as time goes by, they are becoming cheaper. Compared to the gasoline vehicles, these cars are less expensive since once fully powered; they can move for longer distances than the gasoline ones. The next fact is that the vehicles do not emit tailpipe pollutants. They use eco-friendly fuel, that is electricity, and they are therefore the best when it comes to environmental conservation. These vehicles are safer to drive than gasoline cars. Their maintenance cost is cheap, and they produce minimum noise pollution.

How do e-cars get their power?

Some people may feel like it's different at first but very soon, people will be charging their car batteries before going to sleep just like they do to their phones. Most e-car owners have dedicated spots for charging the batteries while others use the regular sockets in their house. It is that simple. You do not need to complicate stuff. The charging period mostly depends on the model of the vehicle but the maximum time the slowest charging e-vehicle battery can take is five hours.

jaguar-i-paceWhich are the newest electric car models?

There was a time when driving an electric car seemed impossible but now, the time has changed with most of the highly ranked models coming up with a version of their e-vehicles. Some of the latest e-car models include Tesla Model 8, BMW i3, Renault Zoe, Nissan leaf, Jaguar i-Pace and VW e-Golf. With time, more and more car models will be coming up with e-vehicles, and there is no doubt that plug-in cars are here to stay.

Benefits of buying an electric car!

The reasons why you should opt for these cars are endless. For starters, they are environmentally friendly. They do not emit harmful pollutants, unlike the gasoline cars. The other reason is their low operating cost. A fully charged battery will cost less than a tank of gasoline. Also, they are safe to drive, and with few movable parts, it means they are at a lower risk of damages thus they require little maintenance. It is now clear the world is entering to a new age of electric cars, and there are already ongoing projects to set infrastructure to support them and ways to improve their charging speed which is expected to develop in a couple of years. Owning an electric car will become a norm, and people might even forget about the gasoline cars. Very exciting!

E -Auto